Innovation that you do not expect, contexts and visions for the company

Doing business is challenging. Make it even more innovative. Doing it in Italy is a challenge. A challenge that many accept and that many win. Today we talk more and more about startups and the need to accelerate the innovation front of the economy, industry and society. The theme is certainly fundamental for the future of the country and must be faced and analyzed by analyzing its different aspects: from the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, to the difficulties of the context, without forgetting the value of experience and tradition, of excellence and of the will to look ahead .
Only those who are committed to interpreting the signs of a historical moment in which the basic rules are changing, and only those who first understand how this change evolves, will be able to fulfill their business projects.
A new culture of entrepreneurship has blossomed and is developing all over the world, in Italy it is at the height of its growth thanks to those who work every day to give substance to ideas and projects. Some of these champions of innovative entrepreneurship wanted to share their stories in this volume, business stories but also ideas and proposals, business models and vision towards a possible future. Stories that are grafted into the scenario and in the context of a country that is in the midst of a cultural evolution halfway between the effort to abandon the status quo and the desire to embrace the new.

Contributors: Matteo Achilli, Enrico Aprico, Francesco Belvisi, Carlo Brunetti, Roberto Cava, Andrea Cavallaro, Angelo Cavallo, Daniele Cevola, Tommaso Maria Chiorino, Aldo del Bo’, Luca Escoffier, Matteo Faggin, Luca Gambini, Andrea Gangemi, Marco Gay, Francesco Inguscio, Adriano La Vopa, Pierantonio Macola, Francesco Mantegazzini, Nicolò Marin, Erica Marson, Pietro Martani, Jacopo Muzina, Jari Ognibeni, David Orban, Umberto Palaia, Matteo Pozzi, Andrea Rangone, Andrea Risa, Elisa Schembari, Romolo Stanco, Valentina Turco, Antonia Verna, Stelio Verzera, Roberto Zanco, Andrea Zoppolato.

Editore Franco Angeli